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The audience at is mostly U.S. based and predominantly in age group between 25-54. The composition of male and female is nearly equal at 52% and 48% respectively. Majority are college educated with an average income of $100k. This site receive over 19,000 visitors per month with an average of four page views per visit. The average time spent per visitor is over 3 minutes.

Site visitors include home builders, contractors, homeowners, and home enthusiast. Ads related to home construction, house products, and home services are ideal for our targeted traffic.

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Your 300x250 rectangle image ad will be shown in the Home Design Articles, Architectural Styles, and Green Home Design sections of this website.

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Option 1
Impressions - 50,000
Cost per 1000 - $1.70
Total campaign cost: $85.00
Option 2
Impressions - 20,000
Cost per 1000 - $2.00
Total campaign cost: $40.00

Note: Ads are subject to approval prior to payment. If you are approved, your listing will go live immediately. Please allow 1 business day for the approval process.

Average ad impressions per month: 24,000