Bonus Room Ideas

bonus room ideas infographicIf you have any unused space in your attic, basement, or above your garage, you can turn it into a bonus room. House plans with bonus rooms can serve many purposes. Aside from storage, bonus room ideas include entertainment and recreational activities, as well as hobby and craft spaces. It is much easier and less expensive to convert an extra room in the house than it is to build a home addition. True, you may still need to buy some materials, but there is no more need to hire a contractor. Since there is no need to construct a new room, you can do the finishing yourself.

Take a look at your house plan. How big is this extra space? How much room is available for closets, a bathroom, and ceiling space clearance? Is it possible to make the new room into a usable space? Once you have decided what to do with the extra space in your house, then you can focus on developing a floor plan layout. You should get a house plan building permit if you will be adding an extra bathroom or if the project will involve any structural changes. Your local building department must approve your plan before you can add anything to your existing property. You should also use the services of a home designer so you can guarantee that your bonus room design is safe and functional.

Bonus room ideas for children

If there are children in your household, you can turn the extra room into a game room or playroom. This will keep the children active and entertained while preventing them from scattering their toys as well as running around the house. Hence, it will be easier for you to teach them to be organized and responsible. You may also use the game room yourself. It can be a hang out place for you and your buddies during weekends. Place a Foosball, ping-pong, or pool table in the center. You should also build shelves on the walls for storage.

Bonus room ideas for entertaining

You can also use your bonus room as a media room or even a home gym. You can spend time with your family in the media room. Instead of going to the movies, you can save money and spend more quality time together. All you need is a projector, blackout shades, a surround sound system, and comfy couches. As for your home gym, you can purchase equipment such as weights, treadmill, and stationary bicycle. You can also add a TV and a refrigerator to contain energy drinks and protein shakes. Working out in your home is less expensive and more convenient.

As you can see, the bonus room ideas are plenty. Perhaps the biggest plus of a bonus room is the added value you get from additional living space and increased property value.