Fiber Cement Siding

fiber cement siding. What is Fiber Cement Siding?

It is a product that is composed of cement, sand, and cellulose fiber pressurized to increase its overall strength and durability. They are available in siding shapes, lap siding, vertical siding, and also trim pieces like corner boards, window & door casing, rake boards, fascia and other decorative elememts. Due to the fact that it is not susceptible to rot and infestation, fiber cement siding offers an appealing choice to your normal exterior wall wood finishes. Fiber cement siding cost more than vinyl, but less than stucco and wood siding. This makes it an attractive and affordable product for smart home builders and homeowners. Manufacturers say that fiber-cement siding is suitable for hot and humid climates because it resistant rot, fungus, and termite infestation. Other points made by manufacturers include the excellent weathering characteristics, strength, and impact resistance.

Below are examples of the types of fiber cement siding:

*Shapes: They are formed to take on the likes of cedar shakes, half rounds shingles, Octagon shingles, random square straight edge, and random square staggered edges. They are suitable for accents, or full wall use.

*Lap siding: It offers the realistic look of wood grain and texture and is available as a smooth or textured beaded board, smooth lap, or cedar lapped.

*Vertical siding: Panels that come in three sizes: 4'x8', 4'x9', and 4'x10'. Finishes include stucco vertical siding, smooth vertical siding, and cedar vertical siding. All provide the look and feel of the real material without the inherent weather and insect problems.

For the savy homeowners looking to build a quality home that calls for wood siding, shingles (shakes),or stucco and do not want the problems or costs associated with it, fiber-cement siding may be a suitable alternative. This product is available through several manufacturers such as CertainTeed Corporation. This manufacturer and others stake their name on Fiber-cement siding being more durable than wood, termite-resistant, water-resistant, non-combustible, and extend a limited warrant that covers the product for 50 years. This warranty can also be transferred to the new homeowner if you sell your home. For more information on fiber cement siding visit