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Green Design

green design“Green” or “sustainable” is a concept that has gain significant awareness among many in the general public. Homeowners and builders alike are implementing the green theme all across the United States in an effort to build smarter and more efficient. However, green is often associated with building and rarely, if ever, mentioned in reference to the home designs. Many of the sustainable building products and environmentally friendly solutions happen long before ground is broken to build that new green home.

Green design requires forward thinking to be successful. Resources dedicated to the building process, the daily energy consumption, and pollution emission over the homes life cycle must be considered in this process. Green homes usually cost more up front, but saves you a bundle in operating costs over the life of the building. On the flip side, home plans carefully planned with sustainable design output, cost no more or less than traditional home designs. In the end, you still benefit from the energy cost savings over the life of that home. These and other cost savings can only be fully realized when these concepts are developed and incorporated at the initial or preliminary stage.

Home designers, in an effort to create sustainable house plans for building, have to take into account many factors. These factors include the home site, the building products & sustainable materials used, the immediate environment, locating the home on the proposed site, efficiency in design, so forth and so on. In theory, home designers and architects have for the most part been drawing sustainable designs long before green design was all the rage. Evidence of this is seen all across this country as you explore historic homes. These buildings were developed in simple concepts which maximize the use of space and local materials, without adversely affecting the natural surroundings and environment. Their energy efficiency is nothing to boast about as technology has drastically improved the “draftiness” of homes; however, the fact that so many still stand after a century or more lends itself to the basis of the sustainable ideas. So, if you want a healthy home that saves energy without harming the environment, design a green home and begin building a better future.

Beginning the green design process takes proper planning on the part of all involved in the project.