Home Additions

home additionsHome additions are a wonderful way to generate more value for your house. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination and budget. Good home additions are those that blend so naturally with the rest of your house that no one can tell where the existing building end and the new addition begins. It is important to remember that you keep within the scope of what appeals to not only you, but to potential home buyers. It is in your interest to add on and make it the perfect space for you and your family. You must also think resell too.

Planning your home addition

The most important factor of a home addition is the planning stage. You will want to consult with a building designer or architect to determine the best way to approach the project. With the help of a design professional you can develop a design for floor plans that will provide the most affordable and attractive means of meeting your goals.

The benefits of home additions

Home additions are perfect for meeting your changing needs without having to move from your current home. The best additions include kitchen expansions, additional bedrooms, and bathroom additions. While the aforementioned are the most equitable and common additions, you are certainly not limited to just those options. Many homeowners embark on many options that include sun rooms, garages, home offices, in-law suites, game rooms, work shops, adding a second floor, studies and more.

The danger involved in adding onto your home

Adding a space to their home can be a tricky situation for homeowners. As a general rule of thumb, home additions are mostly a good investment if done with thought and planned carefully. However, it has been the case with many homeowners who did not seek the advise of a building designer to actually take value away from their home.

For instance, closing in your garage or carport to make a family or game room may appear to be a good idea for your needs. However, if you ever plan to sell your home in the future, this may hurt your chances of getting a return on your investment. Many potential homeowners may like the idea of a game room, but not if it means losing a garage or carport. In cases such as this, the advise of a building designer or architect can go a long way in deciding the best possible solution while protecting the value and integrity of your biggest investment.

Design services and construction

Using the services of a building designer, who understand how to merge your needs and wants, will prove invaluable. He or she can develop a well-crafted and executed set of plans for a home addition that will make a dramatic difference. You will see it in the livability of your home and in its increased value.

Construction can take months. The project will seem intrusive and frustrating as you will have to deal with early morning construction noises and mounds of construction debris. However, it is important that your keep in mind the goal and objective of your home addition and remain focused on the final outcome. In the end, you will be glad you made the decision as you will enjoy your new space and increase your homes overall value.

If an addition to your home is not what you have in mind, another option is to remodel your home. Updating a kitchen design or doing bathroom face lift could improve your homes look and feel.