Home Automation Technology

Technology has become a necessary part of our lives whether we like it or not. There are hundreds of gadgets and services connecting us to the world via voice communication and internet. Now, your home can become a technology gadget when equipped with a home automation technology. Using a central command center, you can link and control everything from music and television distribution, to lighting and window cover control, climate control, and security. It is the home of the future and the future is now!

Home automation technology makes your home a smart house

home automation technologyIt seems that the options are limitless when it comes to how you live in your home. From a single control system music collections, radio, or satellite broadcast can be heard throughout the home or in specific areas. The same movie can be watched in any room at the same time or each TV can view a different movie from the same central command center. Furthermore, web surfing can be done from any control system that access the central command center. Also, security systems can control lighting, cameras, doors, and alarms from a single location.

This type of technology has fast become a sought after feature in new home construction. It is more commonly found in high end custom homes, but is starting to become more popular in middle income housing as more homeowners demand it and smart home builders are meeting those demands. Retrofit when you are remodeling your home or there are also wireless options if your home has some existing structured wiring.

Savings Benefit from home automation

Another plus to this technology is that home automation saves energy and money for the life of your home. You can control your thermostat and window coverings from the central command or your smart phone. In addition to taking advantage of home orientation for passive solar, investing in home automation is a wise choice.

Home automation cost

Home automation technology doesn’t come cheap however. The basic wiring is inexpensive relative to the construction budget. It is the full range of options in hardware, labor, and service fees that can quickly run up the cost. Projects have range from $6,000 to over $600,000 for home automation technology. Each home is unique to each homeowner so prices vary widely.
Home automation or the smart home is the future and a must in the latest of total home design. At the very least, have your home pre-wired with the “structured wiring”. This will be the smartest and least expensive investment you can ever make. This will allow you to add as little as one or all the home automation features in the future. Furthermore, potential home buyers will see your home as a great investment because of the pre-wired options.