Kitchen Design Ideas

kitchen design ideasThe kitchen is said to be the life of the house. It is used throughout the entire day for cooking, eating and cleaning. Since all these are activities happen here, it is only right for designers to look for functional kitchen design ideas. There are three main kitchen designs and each is designed with a purpose. Their layouts and the locations of the appliances are strategically placed in different areas so as to maximize the working space in the kitchen. Even the smallest kitchen will be used to its fullest for as long as people follow these space saving designs.

Kitchen Design Ideas

Prep and storage

The food preparation and storage design is best used by people who are fond of storing canned goods and jarred spices but rarely use them. The main features of this design are its long shelves and cabinets. In this design, the cabinets are placed along the outside walls where they can stay cool and away from the gas range. It also features a long counter top which is used as the main storage unit for foods and other kitchen tools.

Working center

A kitchen working center is one of the best kitchen design ideas for people whose hobbies are to cook. In this type of kitchen, cooking equipment is arranged together for a better and more convenient cooking experience. The cooking pans and utensils should be neatly placed in a durable storage near the cooking area. Everything here should be organized to avoid kitchen spills and other unwanted accidents. The main center piece of this design is the cook top itself. The cook top should be placed in a wide space with two free spaces on its left and right sides. The overall design for this idea is intended to maximize movement made when cooking and preparing foods.

Cleaning center

A cleaning kitchen center is also great for people who take the extra time to clean and store their delicate glass wares. With this kitchen design idea, the kitchen sink and storage cabinets are placed next to each other for a faster and safer clean up. The most important kitchen piece here would have to be the kitchen sink itself. Make sure that you only use the best and most durable kitchen sink around.

Choosing the right kitchen design ideas

Kitchens are meant to be enjoyed by the whole family. However, they are mainly used as a food prep, cooking, and cleaning area. This is why choosing the right kitchen design is one of the most important tasks in designing a set of house floor plans. Search for more kitchen design ideas in print and on the web. Gather ideas so that you can develop a design that will suit their needs.