Paperless Drywall

Do you have a problem with mold on your walls? Then there is a product that you should consider. It is called DensArmor(TM) Paperless Interior Drywall. Developed by Georgia Pacific, it's just like the regular drywall you are accustom to seeing but, this drywall uses fiberglass mats on the surfaces instead of the paper that is commonly found on standard drywall.

moisture and mold resistant drywall.

The absence of paper greatly reduces the chances of mold since paper is a food source. This makes DensArmor drywall an ideal replacement for regular drywall throughout an entire home or as a replacement for areas prone to moisture such as basement, kitchens, baths, and laundry rooms. DensArmor drywall is much denser at its core that regular wall board. This allow greater moisture resistance much like the commonly used greenboard (used in baths and kitchens) which is designed as a moisture resistance drywall but, it still has a paper finish.

The cost of DensArmor is slightly more than the cost of paper faced drywall. It represents about one-half of 1% of total construction cost on an average home. While the cost is a little more than traditional drywall with paper finish, DensArmor is affordable and readily available. Futhermore, Installation of DensArmor drywall is the same as standard drywall. In the long run, it will help protect your investment in your new home.