Power Screens

power screensMornings and evenings on your covered porch, deck, lanai, or veranda is an enjoyable experience. This is true until your neighbors show up uninvited. I’m not talking about your human neighbors; rather, I am referring to your other neighbors – you know the party crashing bugs and insects. How many times have you retreated indoors because of those critters? Many homes today are equipped with covered porches and decks but lack a way to fully enjoy the extra square footage. Power Screens can change that.

Why use a power screen on my covered deck or porch

You may be telling yourself, I like my open deck, porch, or lanai; but, on the flip side, you may be wondering how can you have the advantages of a screen porch. Either you don’t want to lose your open porch or you want both an open deck/ porch and a screen porch. The answer is quite simple and economical. You should consider using power screens. Power screens allow you to have a screen porch when you need it and an open porch when you want it. It’s like having your cake and eating it too!

Power screens can be included in the development of your house designs or retro fitted into an existing home porch. At the push of a button, the power screens, smoothly and quietly, slide down into place. It immediately converts your outdoor living space into a pest-free zone. Push the button again, and you transform an enclosed environment to a open space once again. The screen mesh come in several types. You can chose from screens that reduces up to 35% UV rays, or screens that block out 85% of UV rays and the sun’s intense heat and glare, or a screen that blocks 100% of UV ray’s. The screens are usually puncture resistant, tear resistant, and mildew resistant.

Other uses

The possibilities are nearly unlimited as these screens are measured and installed on a job by job basis. Other uses include garage doors and picture windows. This provides great flexibility for many homes, old and new. So, if you want the best of both world’s (an open outdoor space and screened porch), but want to limit you outdoor space to one deck or porch, power screens are the way to go!