Remodeling Your Home

remodeling your homeHome remodeling has turned a national pastime, a passion, and sometimes a preoccupation. A home remodeling project is a worthwhile endeavor especially if you have the design and the budget in place. Americans are investing more than $200 billion on home remodeling projects each year according to the national association of home builders. Remodeling your home might be one of the best decisions you will ever make. Home remodeling or upgrading is one of the most effective alternatives to increase the value of your home. This type of project will not only boost the value of your home, it will also boost the comfort and usability too!

Remodeling Your Home

Plan for success when remodeling your home

When planning your home remodel project one of the main things you need to decide is the type of remodel to engage. You can get help with this from a building designer. An architect or building designer can help you with expert advise that will both satisfy your needs and combine those needs with practical solutions to protect the integrity of your current house design. It is important that these renovations meet your direct needs; however, it must also be acceptable and practical for potential home buyers in the event you ever plan to resale.

To add value to your existing home you must give in a little to your personal feelings and be mindful of the home remodel as it relates to the desires of not only you, but of potential home buyers. This is not to suggest that you ignore your desires which you should not; rather, it’s more of finding a happy medium or a compromise with your needs and wants. Remember, being too unique may dampen your homes marketability for resale. If you keep these pointers in mind, you are sure to stay on the right path with your home remodeling project.

Top home remodeling and renovation ideas

There are as many ideas as there are homeowners when it comes to remodeling your home. Some are great ideas while others miss the mark due to the lack of planning from a design standpoint. Even though there are many ways of reviving your homes space and look, only a few deliver a positive return on investment. In fact, the wrong type of remodel or renovation can cost you money on top of the projects cost. Below is a list of the 5 most popular remodel and renovation ideas that contribute the most value to your home.

1. Kitchens remodels – incorporating the latest kitchen design ideas
(includes Minor, Mid-range, & Upscale renovations)

2. Bathrooms remodels – incorporating the latest bathroom design ideas
(includes Minor, Mid-range, & Upscale renovations)

3. Master bedroom renovation

4. Window replacement

5. Unfinished spaces
(i.e. bonus rooms, attic bedrooms)

Reaping the benefits of home renovations and remodeling

On average, you can expect to gain a 70% to 80% return from remodeling your home. In some cases, these numbers may be higher or lower depending on your location, market conditions, and the home buyer. To recoup the biggest bang for your buck, don’t compete with the Jones family. In other words, if you have the most expensive home in the neighborhood, be mindful of that fact. Extensive work and expensive upgrades will not ensure a high return or a return at all. Assuming you have a home in the same neighborhood in the lowest or mid range price, the cost of your home renovation should max out at about 25% of your homes value. If you don’t over improve, you can easily recoup most, if not all, of your investment.

If it’s an extra room or more space that you need, then a remodel coupled with a home addition is the ultimate solution. It’s killing two birds with one stone. You add more livable space for your growing family and undergo a makeover all at once. Just remember that it all begins with a good set of plans to get the job done exactly the way you envisioned. Happy remodeling!