Drywall Installed as Home Construction Progresses on BP12003

I’m back with the latest photo installments of plan BP12003. Since the last update, there has been plenty of progress and the home is starting to look just as I had envisioned when I created the home design. I am speaking of the design concept itself and not the material selection. Since the project is being managed by the builder, these variables will be as much of a wait and see for me as it is for you. However, the builder would have to try really hard to screw up the design with finish materials such as kitchen cabinets, wall colors, exterior material selections, flooring, etc. That being said, I have no worries about that kind of scenario happening.

The first set of photos are of the exterior. Up until now the covered porch was incomplete showing just a skeleton of what the concept was. I was happy to see the columns and metal roofing this time around on both the porch and bay in the dining room.

BP12003-Design Evolutions Inc., GA
Left frontal elevation view of Plan BP12003
building plan BP12003 - Design Evolutions Inc., GA
Front view of the elevation
BP12003-rear elevation-design evolutions
Rear elevation with lap siding…the left and right sides are also finished with lap siding.

From the beginning I have posted exterior elevations simply because it was the most dramatic presentation in terms of the building process. Personally, I find a great deal of interest in how the framing of the interior evolves.

Interior photos were taken during the early framing phase of construction. I thought it was best to hold off on posting any of those pics until the drywall was installed. As you will see, by showing the framing and the subsequent wall covering, the visual experience is much more engaging.

wood framing in family room
Framing in the two story family room…prefab fireplace in the right corner.
Drywall finish in two story family room…view is from the kitchen/ breakfast area.

While the first shot of the framing was a good indicator of what the space is like, the follow up pic with the drywall installed really bring the space into focus. Now let’s take a look at the kitchen and breakfast area for the same effect.

The breakfast/ kitchen area framed up and ready for exterior wall insulation and drywall installation.

The breakfast/ kitchen area fully drywall and ready for cabinet installation. View is from the two story family room.

I hope you enjoyed my latest updates with the inclusion of interior pics. Be on the lookout for the next update. I’m not sure what I’ll have in terms of exterior pictures or interior photos for that matter, but I look forward as do many of you to what is to come. If you’ve missed my previous post on the construction of this home you can get caught up by visiting the first post entitled, “home under construction” followed by “home construction continues“.

If you are up to date in this post series, continue on to see more of this home construction as it nears completion.