Grading Prepared for Landscaping as Construction Nears Completion on BP12003

It’s been over four weeks since my last post on the progression of plan BP12003 construction. Much has been done during that time and the design is shaping up to become a house in the eyes of prospective homeowners. Though construction has been on going, I’ve not been able to make as many field trips to the construction site. That being said, I may have missed opportunities to take some interesting pics to add to the photo gallery on home construction.

The installation of drywall is complete and it’s down hill from this point. In the meanwhile, two other projects that were done for the same client are well into construction also. I would have liked to blog the construction progress on these as well, but there is only one of me and many task in which I have to perform. It goes without saying that keeping up with construction when I’m not under contract by a homeowner to do so is a low priority. Nonetheless I will include a couple of photos of these projects to keep you abreast of the latest design works under construction.

Scroll below for the latest construction photos on plan BP12003 along with bonus photos of two aforementioned projects.

BP12003 front elevation view
Shutters are added and the grade is prepared for sod and landscaping
L-shaped staircase
Finished stair treads are installed and stained along with the wooden hand rail and newel post.
kitchen cabinets
The kitchen cabinets are installed with granite countertops. Walls are painted also.
two story family room with fireplace
The fireplace includes a marble mantel and hearth in the two story family room

As you can see, much has been accomplished. Flooring is sure to go down soon and before you know it, all that’s left is the final walk-through to correct mistakes and fix damaged areas. Looking forward to the finished product!

Now for the bonus. The photos below are of the other two plans which are being built a right next to plan BP12003.

ranch home under construction
This is a modified version of the Collins-DE099. It has modest changes including the addition of stone accent on the front elevation
Two story traditional home design
Two story home with the master bedroom on the 2nd floor. This design is being build on the lot next to plan BP12003

 If you’ve missed the previous post on the construction on BP12003, go back and see the first post “home under construction” and following each post until you have caught up. Thanks for stopping by and be on the look out for the final post of this home as the building process wrap up.