Plan BP12003 – Home Under Construction

My Goal to Document Progress… I had some free time yesterday as my wife took the kids to game stop. They were geeked up about gettingĀ  new video games to add to their collection. Since I had a couple of hours to kill, I decided to take a short road trip out to Monroe, Georgia.

Home Orientation for Passive Solar- Facing South

Many subdivisions and neighborhood developments are littered with homes built with the idea of maximizing land to building ratio. Most of these homes are likely to have the worst possible location and orientation to the sun's blazing heat. By sheer luck, some homeowners will find their homes sitting at a near perfect position with respect to the sun's travel.

Building Permit Process – Residential

The busy season for building homes can back your local building department up for weeks with an influx of plan submissions. So, it is important to plan ahead in terms of scheduling your home building project. Contact the building department to verify everything that is to accompany your set of house plans.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A House?

Over the years of selling stock house plans online, I have been asked dozens of questions about different concerns prior to a client making a plan purchase. Some of these questions are straight forward and require simple answers to satisfy the customer.

Solar Energy Systems

For many homeowners seeking an alternative to paying monthly electricity bills, solar energy systems are quickly becoming the solution of choice. With not anything more than sunlight for fuel, these newer systems will permit you to create all the power your home requires.