Plan BP12003 – Home Construction Continues

It’s been two weeks since the first post on Plan BP12003 home construction photos.  Progress is still underway and things are moving forward. In taking photos this time around, I noticed some slight differences in the finishes on the front elevation; however, it’s nothing that will change the outcome of the basic design. This isn’t surprising as minor changes are usually baked into the construction process even after the completion of the construction documents.

The changes have to do with the placement of stone veneer. If you remember from the last post on this building construction process, I provided an image of the elevation as it was designed. The front of the garage is a mix of stone. The base or watertable of the bay was also of stone veneer. As you will see below, the bay is fully finished in stone and the garage is fully bricked across the front. Again it’s a slight change, but these minor field modifications are not jarring to me.

See below for the latest photo installments of our plan BP12003 under construction.


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