English Tudor Elevation Design

On a previous blog post, I discussed the option of refacing a home for better curb appeal. In that post, I used an English Tudor elevation design. It was a current project and a good subject to use as an example for home elevation design services. To recap a bit, the homeowners had hired another

Designing Homes From the Inside Out

The floor plan is the drawing of the outline and partitions of a building as you would see if the building were to be sliced horizontally around four feet above the floor line. It provides more specific information about the design of the building than any other drawing from the home construction set.

Home Office Nook: Taking Care of Business

One of the more sought-after spaces in a home is an office. It could be for the purpose of running a home based business or a designated place to do household business. However, with the average home in America being around 2,400 square feet, many homeowners lack the space in their home design for this specific room.

Bonus Room Ideas Infographic

The empty canvas we call a bonus room has a plethora of options when it comes to using the space. Don't let this valuable square footage become a waste land. If you are strapped for ideals, use our infographic for inspiration and give your bonus room a purpose.

Designing a Roof Plan For A House

A roof design can make or break the appearance of a home. It must be considered when developing the floor plan and determining the style of architecture of a home. Having those ideas in place will lead to a well crafted roof that should be easy to frame.

Qualities Indicative of Good House Designs

Designing a home is something that takes years of practice. Sure, most of us can come up with plenty of design ideas via thumbnail sketches or back of the napkin drawings. But there is a difference between abstract concepts and actual measured designs.