When investing in a new home, the rule of thumb is the buy as much house as you can afford. This is especially true for young families. The amount of bedrooms needed in your home will vary depending on your family situation. How many members are there in the family unit? Who will need their own space? Will the family grow in the future? How long do you plan to live in the home? Answering these questions will help you determine the number of bedroom spaces you will need in your home.

Sante Fe ranch home plan

The Sante Fe home design – DE026

A typical family may be a group of four consisting of the parents and two kids. At minimum, a three bedroom small home design is the logical choice. The adults take one bedroom and each child will have their own room. However, small or younger kids may share a room particularly if they are of the same sex. This leaves one room available to use as a spare bedroom for guest. This room can also serve as a home office or study when guest are not around. For a small and young clan of four, three bedrooms are perfect in this case. The home is the right size for this moment in life.

If you plan to expand the size of your household, then you would ideally like for each child to eventually have his or her own bedroom. A family of four functions best with at least 3 bedrooms in the home. Four bedrooms are ideal for a family of five, two adults and three children. Having an extra bedroom (in addition to the basic minimum for your family) is a major plus if you can afford it. This can be achieved in a house design with a bonus room over the garage. With this type of design arrangement, no one will have to give up their private domain for overnight guest with the availability of the extra room.

As your family grow, you can always upgrade to a larger house. If moving is not the best solution, a bedroom home addition may be a viable option. Just remember that bedrooms, no matter how large or small are valuable spaces in the home.

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