Fees Involved in Refinancing a Mortgage

Applying for mortgage refinancing is gruelling as the initial mortgage process. Homeowners release employment and financial information after shopping around for the best rates. Fees added to base loans create new monthly payment amounts but careful negotiation results in adjustments or omissions in some cases.

Permanent Standby Home Generators – Backup Power

A permanent standby home generator provides a back-up power source for as long as you need it. They are connected to a propane or natural gas supply line and use an automatic transfer switch to monitor your utility power. From the time you lose power, the generator starts without you having to lift a finger.

Dirty Air Conditioning Ducts Are Harmful To Your Health and Wallet

The majority of problems with indoor air is caused by dirty air conditioning ducts. HVAC systems are common in homes and provide air conditioning year-round. Air is circulated through the ductwork providing cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter. Over time, this ductwork become a nesting ground for all type of debris, bacteria, and microbes.

Summer’s Over, Prepare Your Home For Winter

As days grow shorter and temperatures fall, it's time once again to prepare your home for the long winter months ahead. Taking a few minutes now to walk around your home-visually inspecting important systems from a safety perspective and making note of routine maintenance chores that need attention-is a great way to get started, and a good winter maintenance checklist can help.

Don’t move – improve: the new strategy for American homeowners

Are lower real estate values keeping you in your current home - even though you were hoping to upgrade? Or, maybe you can't bear the thought of boxing up all your belongings to move? You're not alone. More homeowners are staying in their current homes, but remodeling with the idea of improving their quality of life and adding more "live-in value," according to recent research from Consumer Reports.