A Pergola or Arbor Offers Outdoor Style and Versatility

Free standing Pergola

If you’ve had your eye on the outdoor living industry at all, you’ve no doubt seen a pergola or two in some shape or form. Pergolas, or a large arbor with enough room under it for a living space, is latest and most popular garden structure used for defining or redefining outdoor living areas.

But, if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the amount of Home and Garden magazines, television shows, blogs, and newspaper articles featuring a wide array of pergolas in different styles, types, materials, and uses; you’re not alone!

Pergolas were once used as simply an extended arbor for vining all kinds of plants, flowers, and vines. And, of course, all pergolas can still be used in this way! But, you may have noticed that many pergolas are going bare with no plans of growing vines soon. I suppose that as women’s fashion seems to be losing more and more “coverage”  with each passing year, so too do pergolas want to show some more skin. But, remember, a pergola sticking to its roots and covered in plants is certainly a fashionable structure!

Arbor supported by homeWhile pergolas are at the height of fashion, they do not in any way box you in to cookie cutter designs like many passing style trends that can only be executed one way. Pergolas come in all sizes and in pine, cedar, vinyl, as well as several other materials. You can leave the beams exposed, or decorate them with vines. Plus, you can create a sitting area, dining area, pool area, or well; any kind of area underneath it!

But, if you’re looking to create a pergola of your own, it’s important that it be a true reflection of your style and personality. A good place to design your entire project is at GazeboCreations.com. They feature a complete step-by-step customization process and a live project adviser to guide you through the entire development, from design to installation! Vinyl pergolas need absolutely no maintenance, but don’t really lend the rustic feel of a Red Cedar or Pine pergola. Pine pergolas can be painted if you’re looking to truly personalize your design with expert artistic skills, while a stained red cedar pergola will have a natural luster that will wow you everyday.