Without doubt you’ve experienced these two things: trying to enjoy the outdoors on an unbearable hot and humid day with no breeze to speak of, as well as watching one of those movie scenes featuring some kind of royalty being fanned by one or two over-sized palm leaves. Well, now, the former can be history and the latter can be emulated!

Ceiling fan

Modern technology has allowed ceiling fans to transition for use outdoors. Whether installed under a porch, gazebo, or pergola or placed inside a pool house, shed, or cabana… your still days of endless heat are over.

While older ceiling fan models  didn’t have fashion in mind, modern outdoor ceiling fans can boast complimentary designs for any decor. With choices in contemporary and modern designs aimed to reflect the futuristic technology that allow electrical ceiling fans to stand out in the rain, you can also create a tropical paradise with bamboo, tropical leaf, wicker blade, or saw-grass ceiling fans.

As technology progresses, so does style. CedarStore.com, a leading retailer in outdoor ceiling fans, carries one of the most forward-thinking outdoor ceiling fan designs as seen in the above image. It features two complete fan heads, each with four blades, attached by a curved beam parallel to the floor and suspended from the ceiling. People are doing any and everything to push the limits of outdoor design and dazzle their neighbors and guests.

To get in on the ground breaking technology and style, visit http://www.CedarStore.com or call 1.888.293.2339

Courtesy: Home Improvement News and Information Center

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