With the rise in energy bills, homeowners are constantly looking for ways to cut back on utility cost. Whether it’s installing energy saving windows or maximizing attic insulation, each energy saving trick helps. Another way of doing so and making your home greener is to install Diamond Barrier Plus.

Diamond Barrier is a state-of-the-art reflective insulation product used to block radiant heat from your home attic. It can be laid over your present insulation like a blanket or stapled under your rafters or crawl space.  It is a double-sided, tear and puncture-resistant radiant barrier product that was developed by NASA. According to studies, up to 93% of ceiling heat gained in summer months occurs from radiant heat transfers from attics heated by radiant energy from the sun. Reflective insulation products block almost all of this radiant heat.

Unlike typical insulation, which only slows down heat transfer, Diamond Barrier reflects heat transfer. This can translate into savings up to 25% on your cooling and heating bills year round.

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