Outdoor Living Spaces – Increase Your Livable Home Space

A lot of people spend money on home renovations and remodeling; but most of them only focus on the interiors. If you want your home to be more valuable and aesthetically appealing, you should also consider having ideas for outdoor living spaces. You can actually turn your patio, yard, or porch into a living space. Hang out with family and friends there whenever the weather is nice and inviting. Staying outdoors during the summer, fall, and spring is especially enjoyable.

Adding a gazebo or a stand alone pergola to your yard is a great option to expanding exterior living space. Making use of a barely used deck or patio is another way you can increase your living space. If the deck or patio is uncovered, you may consider the option of adding a roof to protect against precipitation (rain, snow, sleet, or hail). In addition, you can also add a retractable power screen to eliminate insects and bugs so that you enjoy your space even more.


Outdoor Living Space
A backyard arbor outfitted with a table and chairs surrounded by cozy landscaping.

See to it that you set the mood with the right colors. Choosing the right colors will influence the perception and mood of anyone staying in your outdoor living spaces. It will also make small spaces seem larger. Pick out your furniture and plants carefully. You may choose floral and pastel colors if you intend to meditate outdoors during the morning. They can add a calming effect. As much as possible, you should stay away from earth colors like brown, black, and gray.

While earth colors may look good indoors, they will only blend in and lose their appeal outdoors. Also, keep in mind that black colored furniture are not ideal to be exposed to direct sunlight because they tend to become very hot. As for green and brown colored furniture, you may complement them with bold and bright colored accessories. You can also use colorful cushions in red, yellow, and blue. Moreover, you can use a fire truck red picnic table or brightly colored chairs.

Lighting is also very important and must be thoroughly considered. Your outdoor living spaces should be well lit yet not overwhelming. Go for dramatic and tasteful outdoor lighting fixtures. Not only will they make your home lovelier, but they will also provide more safety and security. Having adequate lighting will prevent you and your guests from tripping in the dark. They will also set the ambiance for you and your guests when everyone remain outdoors for refreshments just after sunset.

You can choose from deck lighting, lanterns, and electric bulbs. You can even put up torches on the walls. Keep in mind that lights pointing upward can enhance and accentuate the structure of your house. Lights pointing downward, on the other hand, can create a cozier and softer glow.

If you have a nice yard, make use of it! Expand the interior of your home and embark on a journey to become one with nature. Well, at least create the perception and enjoy every square foot of the property you purchased for your home.