Question 1: We purchased an old stone farm house and we are very excited to begin our restoration. We are re roofing and re-pointing the stone. We are looking to do something to replace the weather damaged wood crown molding and window crown molding the paint is cracked and chipped badly in need of repair and repainting. We want a product that can be formed over the existing wood crown molding.

The Styrofoam crown molding or PVC crown molding will not work this time because both have to be painted. We don’t want to paint and are looking for something with less maintenance in the future.

How can we accomplish the above? What options do we have? There is Crown Molding and Window Crown Molding that is roll formed in aluminum. The crown moldings are available in three size crowns, 3 ” 4 ” & 5 “. They are also available in a number of gauges and various colors. The paint finish is baked on enamel, while heavy gauges are kynar finished. Copper is also available in 16oz &20oz. Window Crown Moldings are roll formed to accommodate the window width needed.

Question 2: I am doing a restoration in the center of a Historic Preservation Area. The Exterior of this restoration includes crown molding & cornice frieze. The use of plastics, foams & aluminum is not approved by the governing Historic society. Is there something available in a metal molding that can achieve the same look while also answering the problem of such a project dilemma?

Yes, Metal Crown Moldings & Cornice Frieze trims can be found in light gauge Steel, Galvanize and Copper (Copper is sometimes found too expensive for many in the process of a restoration budget).

Crown Moldings can be custom formed in a variety of crown sizes such as 3 “, 4 “, 5 ” & larger. Cornice systems can be designed to fit the existing style returning a broken down building into a Beautifully Distinct Restoration that truly captures what was first borne in its original form.

Want to find out more about Wooden Crown Molding or PVC Crown Molding , then visit American Colonial Crown Molding’s site on how to choose the best easy to manage aluminum crown molding for your home’s needs.

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