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Welcome to the Home Planning Blog of Design Evolutions Inc., GA, a residential design company specializing in stock house plans and custom home design services. The purpose of this blog is to help you navigate your way through the home design, planning, and construction process of your home. Whether you are having your dream home designed to be built or improve your current home, our home planning blog will provide answers to many of your questions. Feel free to check out our many blog post by going to our latest blog post, or going to a specific category under the under “latest blog post” and browse our ever-growing content.

Homeowners Checklist

home planning blog - house planning checklistAs with anything in life, being prepared is essential to being successful. In order to be prepared, you have to be organized. So before you get started or moving to fast, you should prepare a checklist. Having a written list will keep you organized and on track as you move from the design stage right on through the construction process.

There is no need to wonder what your checklist should include. We’ve outlined five important pointers for your convenience in our article, “Home Planning Checklist to Design and Build Your Home“. The pointers mentioned in the article are common. However, seeing it in black and white will do more to get you going in the right direction.


Home Planning Blog Categories

Our blog post are organized in specific categories to make it easy for you to find information. We cover topics on home design, home building, home improvement, house plan questions and residential architecture. In addition, we also post any important company news that we have to offer on our blog.

Home Design

home design and home planningIn this group of post, we provide information to help you with home design and planning. At some point you will need architectural design services. Will you be using the services of a design professional to create a custom home design? Or, are you considering the use of a stock house plan? If you are considering a custom design, interviewing Building Designers for home design services should be on your list

Find out if you need a Home Designer or Architect to design your house. No matter which professional you choose, make sure they skilled atĀ designing homes from the inside out. You want someone who is able to your draw floor plans with the qualities indicative of good house designs.

Home Building

home buildingThis category of our home planning blogĀ involves post dedicated to the home building process. Building a home can be intimidating and stressful, but it is a manageable task. However, before you even get to the construction phase, find out what you should know before buying land to build a home. This will help you greatly in selecting a suitable building lot for your home.

Knowing when is the best time to build a home can make the construction of your dream home a memorable experience. Staying on schedule is the biggest hurdle in building a home. However, to make sure things go smoothly, organize a checklist to build your own house and avoid major mishaps that may arise.

Home Improvement

home improvementThis section of our home planning blog is for current homeowners who are planning a home improvement project. Improving your home makes it more comfortable to live in and increases the value at the same time. However, things like bad home additions can adversely affect your property value. So be careful on how you make improvements.

Consider doing energy saving home improvements that will save you money. You may be wondering when is the best time for home improvement projects. We can answer that for you as well. If you are operating with limited funds, perhaps a custom closet system on a do-it-yourself budget is the right project for you at this time. We cover all of these topics and more in our home improvement category.

House Plan Questions

house plan questionsIn this section of our home planning blog, we answer questions as they relate to house plans in general. The most common of the questions have to deal with whether or not a state requires architect stamped house plans in order to build a home.

Residential Architecture

residential architectureIn this portion of our home planning blog, you will find post about residential architecture in America. Meeting the requirements to be an Architect is not necessary in most states to practice residential architecture.