Drywall Installed as Home Construction Progresses on BP12003

Since the last update, there has been plenty of progress and the home is starting to look just as I had envisioned when I created the home design. I am speaking of the design concept itself and not the material selection. Since the project is being managed by the builder, these variables will be as much of a wait and see for me as it is for you.

Plan BP12003 – Home Under Construction

My Goal to Document Progress… I had some free time yesterday as my wife took the kids to game stop. They were geeked up about getting  new video games to add to their collection. Since I had a couple of hours to kill, I decided to take a short road trip out to Monroe, Georgia.

Why Look at a House Floor Plan if I Hate the Elevation Design?

We have all heard the phrase, "don't judge a book by its cover", at some time or another. It can be used in reference to many things, but today we are going to apply it to house plans. You can look at two homes with the same floor plan, but each having distinctly different elevations can make you like one and not the other.

Floor Plan Layout – The Importance of Design Consistency

With so many house plans available to view on the web and in print magazine, it's easy to see why so many take a shot at designing a floor plan layout. There is nothing wrong with the idea. In fact, that's how many of my clients come up with some of their ideas and home designs which are presented to me.