Ice Cube Talks Residential Architecture

It is a little know fact that Ice Cube actually studied architectural drafting at a trade school in Arizona before NWA took off in the late 1980's. It was only for a year, but can you imagine the rapper/actor/director as an architect or building designer?

Dirty Air Conditioning Ducts Are Harmful To Your Health and Wallet

The majority of problems with indoor air is caused by dirty air conditioning ducts. HVAC systems are common in homes and provide air conditioning year-round. Air is circulated through the ductwork providing cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter. Over time, this ductwork become a nesting ground for all type of debris, bacteria, and microbes.

Summer’s Over, Prepare Your Home For Winter

As days grow shorter and temperatures fall, it's time once again to prepare your home for the long winter months ahead. Taking a few minutes now to walk around your home-visually inspecting important systems from a safety perspective and making note of routine maintenance chores that need attention-is a great way to get started, and a good winter maintenance checklist can help.

Home Orientation for Passive Solar- Facing South

Many subdivisions and neighborhood developments are littered with homes built with the idea of maximizing land to building ratio. Most of these homes are likely to have the worst possible location and orientation to the sun's blazing heat. By sheer luck, some homeowners will find their homes sitting at a near perfect position with respect to the sun's travel.

Making Small Home Designs Look Big

Living in small home designs doesn't mean it has to feel that way. It also doesn't mean that the house has to look small either. I had a client to tell me that they wanted a ranch house, but wanted it to look like a two-story house. The statement was funny, but I understood what my client was trying to convey to me. Basically, the couple wanted the coziness of a one story home with the look and feel of a two-story home. So how do you go about doing it?

Don’t move – improve: the new strategy for American homeowners

Are lower real estate values keeping you in your current home - even though you were hoping to upgrade? Or, maybe you can't bear the thought of boxing up all your belongings to move? You're not alone. More homeowners are staying in their current homes, but remodeling with the idea of improving their quality of life and adding more "live-in value," according to recent research from Consumer Reports.

Why a home remodel may be better than a savings account

Improving your home can be a smart strategy over the long run. In the meantime, it can make your home more comfortable and convenient while you're living there. Now is the time to ask yourself if putting your hard-earned savings into your house is right for you. You won't see the return on your investment in the near-term, but when you factor in a quicker sale or higher sale price, you could end up with more profit than savings account interest rates can provide.

Brick Offers Growing Options For Sustainable Homes

The latest options in clay brick offer increasingly green benefits for more sustainable homes that can help homeowners save on major household costs. Naturally organic with virtually no waste, brick helps lower energy costs and upkeep through a maintenance-free exterior that offers superior durability, moisture control, termite resistance, proven stability and enduring beauty.