What Determines The Architecture And Style Of A House?

Do you know your house architecture? For most who are reading this, your answer would probably be traditional. If asked what characteristics are associated with traditional design, the answers will for certain be different for each person who have their own vision of “Traditional”. Webster’s Dictionary defines the word as handed down by, or conforming to tradition. In reality, traditional in architectural terms isn’t a style at all. Yet, there are many design professionals using this term for good reason to promote and market their goods and services. This is understandable given the fact that many in the general public are familiar with the term.

Houses in America come in all sorts of form and styles due in part to our diverse population and distinct regional differences. There are many homes that can be put into a category of one or more styles. Architectural styles can be distinguished when design features are prevalent. This is commonly referred to as “period style homes” in the home design field due to the distinct characteristics and the correlation with history.

There are many different house styles in existence across this country and only a few are indigenous American home styles. Arguably the most known style was created and pushed by a generation of Architects in Chicago known as the Prairie School. This style is known as Prairie architecture and Frank Lloyd Wright may be the best know architect in this group. The American foursquare, Colonial, and the American craftsman also have origins in the United States. There are indeed many other design styles, but are too many to mention. Yet, a hand full of appreciated styles include Greek Revival architecture, Mediterranean, Tudor, French, and Gothic Revival.

If you are searching for home designs with a particular style,┬ásearch for Residential Architects who have knowledge of the design style you want. They don’t have to specialize in the specific one you want as long as their work and language verify some degree of understanding about design style you are requesting. Based on the standard of your desired architectural style, Building Designers can replicate an antebellum home or create a design to meet your needs.