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About Our Conceptual House Plans

Our concept house plans are a great way to develop a unique home design of your very own. Morevover, it can be done at a less the cost associated with a custom designed residence. These pre designed house plans were created as preliminary designs for previous clients or were new concepts envisioned by the designer. Each plan includes floor plans, four (4) elevations, and a roof plan. Detailed enough to convey the overall design; yet, incomplete enough to make changes and modifications relatively inexpensive.

Construction documents (aka blueprints) can generally be completed in 5-6 weeks for a normal size home. Large estate homes can take twice as long or longer to complete. When the working drawings are done, one (1) reproducible set will be shipped to you with a license the make copies as needed to build one home.

If you want to modify the house plans prior to completing the working drawings, we can help you with that too. Just email us with your modification request to receive a quote on the additional cost to make those changes and complete the house blueprints.