Schematic Home Design Services

Floor Plans and Front Elevation: $1.00 per square foot up to 9,999 sq ft*
Contact the home designer for a custom quote on larger designs.

* An additional fee of 15% will apply with increased design complexity (i.e. angled building design, unusual design concepts, etc.).

The Interview Phase
This is by far the most important phase of the custom home design process. Here we will gather the necessary information for the design of your home. This can take place in person or by phone/ email/ fax correspondence. We encourage you to bring to this meeting all materials you have prepared along with any design requirements. Examples include, the square footage limit, room requirements, visual references that shows what you are looking for in your home and any other information you feel may be necessary.

The Design Phase (schematics) During this phase, we prepare a preliminary or schematic design of a floor plan and front elevation based on information obtained in the interview phase.

The Design Development Phase (schematics)
During this phase, the client and designer fine tune the preliminary design to the exact needs of the client. The client may use the final approved preliminary plan and elevation for study, estimating, or further development into construction documents by Design Evolutions or opt to use a local design professional or drafting service.

Note: If you decide to proceed with construction documents after finishing the schematic design, the cost of the design only service will be credited towards the cost of our basic residential design services or the full custom home design services.