Luxury House Plans

Luxury home plans.

Luxury homes come in many sizes. They are large and small in scale, yet equally significant in its detailing and presence. Our luxury home plans collection include homes that emphasize luxury through harmonious design and architectural freedom.

Grand II house plans.
Grand II    DE045
Total Sq Ft: 4,073
Renica home plans.
Renica    DE133
Total Sq Ft: 4,106
Ponderosa house design.
Ponderosa    DE139
Total Sq Ft: 4,215
Canton floor plans.
Canton    DE079
Total Sq Ft: 4,249
McAlester home design.
McAlester    DE029
Total Sq Ft: 4,254
Fortress house plans.
Fortress    DE074
Total Sq Ft: 4,484
Williamsburg house design.
Williamsburg    DE030
Total Sq Ft: 4,505
Mansart home plans.
Mansart    DE142
Total Sq Ft: 4,782
Yorkshire house plans.
Yorkshire Series    DE084-DE090
Total Sq Ft: 5,007