Ranch Home Plans

Ranch house designs.

The ranch house style is uniform with low pitched roofs, long overhangs, and a typically a rectangle, L-shape, or U-shape. Our ranch house plans design collection build upon that typical one story home design with broader design ideas that appeal to many.

Carolyn home plans.
Carolyn    DE129
Total Sq Ft: 1,500
Ellise house plans.
Ellise    DE130
Total Sq Ft: from 1,526
Greenwich house plans.
Greenwich    DE036
Total Sq Ft: 1,606
Sante Fe home design.
Sante Fe    DE026
Total Sq Ft: 1,635
Hilliard house designs.
Hilliard    DE007
Total Sq Ft: 1,730
Symone home plan.
Symone    DE132
Total Sq Ft: 1,790
Reuben floor plans.
Reuben    DE064
Total Sq Ft: 1,900
Covington ranch house plans.
Covington    DE014
Total Sq Ft: 2,455
Collins house plans.
Collins    DE099
Total Sq Ft: 2,489
Letcher house designs.
Letcher     DE082
Total Sq Ft: 2,675
Fletcher home designs.
Fletcher    DE072
Total Sq Ft: 2,804
Polo houseplans.
Polo    DE056
Total Sq Ft: 2,880
Stanford floor plans.
Stanford    DE071
Total Sq Ft: 2,911
Stanford II house plan.
Stanford II    DE073
Total Sq Ft: 3,033
Lander home plan.
Lander    DE115
Total Sq Ft: 3,094
Whitehall house floor plan.
Whitehall    DE044
Total Sq Ft: 3,295