Craftsman House Plans

craftsman home designs.

The craftsman house plans style has its roots in Southern California but can been found throughout the country in many varieties. The style has a unique rustic look that withstand the test of time and even today remains relevant in residential architecture.

Leland A house plan.
Leland A    DE017A
Total Sq Ft: 2,489
Leland B home plan.
Leland B    DE017B
Total Sq Ft: 2,499
Berkeley A house design.
Berkeley A    DE020A
Total Sq Ft: 2,950
Berkeley B home design.
Berkeley B    DE020B
Total Sq Ft: 2,950
Thayer A house plan.
Thayer A    DE038A
Total Sq Ft: 2,971
Thayer B house plan.
Thayer B    DE038B
Total Sq Ft: 2,971
Maybeck A house floor plan.
Maybeck A    DE034A
Total Sq Ft: 2,983
Maybeck B home plan.
Maybeck B    DE034B
Total Sq Ft: 2,983
Faulkner A house design.
Faulkner A     DE028A
Total Sq Ft: 3,100
Faulkner B floor plans.
Faulkner B    DE028B
Total Sq Ft: 3,100
Bradbury A home plan.
Bradbury A    DE033A
Total Sq Ft: 3,203
Bradbury B house plan.
Bradbury B    DE033B
Total Sq Ft: 3,203