Best Selling House Plans

These house plans are proven favorites among homeowners and builders. Some of these top sellers will also have house plan videos featuring pics of the exterior and interior, giving you an in depth look at the overall design.

Collins home design.
Stanford    DE099
Total Sq Ft: 2,489
Stanford house plans.
Stanford    DE071
Total Sq Ft: 2,911
Stanford II home plans.
Stanford II    DE073
Total Sq Ft: 3,033
Malveaux home plans.
Malveaux    DE111
Total Sq Ft: 3,058
Stanford house plans.
Wright    DE109
Total Sq Ft: 3,172
Bramante house plan.
Bramante    DE112
Total Sq Ft: 3,290
Blanchard house plans.
Blanchard    DE114
Total Sq Ft: 3,311
Primrose home plans.
Primrose    DE111
Total Sq Ft: 3,331
Merriweather home design.
Merriweather    DE127
Total Sq Ft: 3,412
Hancock house design.
Hancock    DE117
Total Sq Ft: 3,559
Clairmont home plan.
Clairmont    DE077
Total Sq Ft: 3,985
Lexington house plans.
Lexington    DE076
Total Sq Ft: 4,096