Courtyard Garage House Plans

Court yard house designs are usually enclosed on three sides of the building; however, it can also be seen where only two sides are used as in the case with courtyard garages. Some of our courtyard designs are also bonus room plans, giving you the flexibility to add a home office or extra bedroom.

Hilliard houseplan.
Hilliard    DE007
Total Sq Ft: 1,730
Leland A home plans.
Leland A    DE017A
Total Sq Ft: 2,489
Leland B home design.
Leland B    DE017B
Total Sq Ft: 2,499
Letcher house design.
Letcher    DE082
Total Sq Ft: 2,675
Fletcher house plans.
Fletcher    DE072
Total Sq Ft: 2,804
Polo home plans.
Polo    DE056
Total Sq Ft: 2,880
Thayer A house plans.
Thayer A    DE038A
Total Sq Ft: 2,971
Thayer B home plan.
Thayer A    DE038B
Total Sq Ft: 2,971
Lander home design.
Lander    DE115
Total Sq Ft: 3,094
Crown Court II house plans.
Crown Court II    DE046
Total Sq Ft: 3,780