House Plans with Keeping Room - Page 1

In homes with a separate keeping and family area, its like having a house plan bonus room. Keeping Rooms, also known as Hearth Rooms or Family Rooms, are gathering places for family and friends. They are normally located near the kitchen and breakfast room providing a cozy space for family entertaining or just relaxing. Keeping rooms are the perfect counterbalance to formal living areas.

Ellise house plans.
Ellise I    DE130
Total Sq Ft: 1,526
Polo house plans.
Polo    DE056
Total Sq Ft: 2,880
Stanford house plans.
Stanford    DE071
Total Sq Ft: 2,911
Radcliffe home plans.
Radcliffe    DE134
Total Sq Ft: 2,983
Maybeck A house plans.
Maybeck A    DE034A
Total Sq Ft: 2,983
Maybeck B house plans.
Maybeck B    DE034B
Total Sq Ft: 2,983
Stanford II house plans.
Stanford II    DE073
Total Sq Ft: 3,033
Cockerell home plans.
Cockerell    DE138
Total Sq Ft: 3,100
Faulkner A home design.
Faulkner A    DE028A
Total Sq Ft: 3,100
Faulkner B house design.
Faulkner B    DE028B
Total Sq Ft: 3,100
Yancy house plans.
Yancy    DE135
Total Sq Ft: 3,216
Merriweather home plans.
Merriweather    DE127
Total Sq Ft: 3,412
Garland house plans.
Garland    DE023
Total Sq Ft: 3,515
Crown Court house plans.
Crown Court    DE046
Total Sq Ft: 3,780
Vignola home plans.
Vignola    DE078
Total Sq Ft: 3,834
Renica home plans.
Renica    DE133
Total Sq Ft: 4,106
Ponderosa house plans.
Ponderosa    DE139
Total Sq Ft: 4,237
Canton house floor plans.
Canton    DE079
Total Sq Ft: 4,249
McAlester home plans.
McAlester    DE029
Total Sq Ft: 4,254
Fortress home design.
Fortress    DE074
Total Sq Ft: 4,484
Williamsburg house plans.
Williamsburg    DE030
Total Sq Ft: 4,505