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Why Purchase Our Stock House Plans?

You get timeless house designs and great home value. We believe that our house plans offer the best in both functionality and appearances. In many cases, you will find building designers who give divided attention to the creation of the design. Either they are geared towards making the perfect floor plan or most of the design prowess is focused on the elevation concept.

We at Design Evolutions Inc., GA, like to think that our process of creating and presenting stock house plans is different. Our approach to create exciting and time-tested home designs is a holistic one. We give equal balance, focus, and attention to the floor plans as well as the elevations. In essence, we treat the development of the overall design process of stock plans with the same mindset we have when drawing a custom home design for our private clients.

Many of our designs have house plans with photos of the exterior and interior (in some cases) to help you visualize the home at a greater level.

Quality not Quantity

We offer a small portfolio of plans selected by Building Designer, Kirya J. Duncan. Combining our designer house plans, home building plans, and concept house plans, we offer over 80 pre-designed home plans to choose from. Our goal is not to have the largest collection of stock house plans. On the contrary, we pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality floor plan designs where we provide quality over quantity.

Customizations (modifications)

Use our customization services to your advantage. Making changes to our plans are easy since you will be dealing directly with the original designer of the floor plans. Because of this, our customization service is an affordable way to achieve a custom home to fit your needs. If modifications to our stock plans are not what you need, you can always opt to utilize our custom home designs services to create your perfect dream home.