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Architectural Hand Renderings


Architectural-hand-renderingWhile our core business is custom home design and stock house plans, we also provide 2D architectural hand renderings by Kirya J. Duncan. Our prismacolor renderings digitally enhanced, are highly effective in conveying vivid imagery and perception of a home design for all of our clients.

Homeowners who request this service are excited when the design comes to life in living color. Home builders choose to use this service to help promote and market their homes prior to and during construction simply because it’s much more of an effective selling tool when compared to a black and white line drawing.

Our architectural hand rendering services start at $270.00 for an 8-1/2″ x11″ and $450.00 for an 11″x17″. Upon completion of a rendering project, you will receive a hard-copy of the finished rendering in addition to a digital copy, giving you the ability to make copies of enlarged and reduced sizes.