Builder Services

builder services

Builder Services for Tract and Spec Home Builders

We are ready to partner with you! We offer our builder services to help you in your building business. Our home builder design services include tract & speculative home design, townhouse design, plan portfolio management, and marketing material. We also carry a selection of home builder plans for you to get started building right away.

Single Family Home Design for Builders

Use our home builder design services to assemble a portfolio of home plans for your neighborhood development.

Tract home design service for builders
For builders who need a basic home design layout with similar styles for a subdivision development. They may include different option packages, but they are essentially the same houses.

  • Tract home design fee
    – On a slab/ crawlspace foundation: $1.00 per square foot beneath 10,000 sq ft*
    – On a basement foundation: $1.25 per square foot up to 9,999 sq ft*

Speculative (Spec) home design service for builders
For home builders who buy a lot, build a house, and then sell the home. The home designs are generally lot specific and are more custom and detailed in nature with regards to the design. The builder typically doesn’t have a particular buyer in mind.

  • Spec home design fee
    – On a slab or crawlspace foundation: $1.50 per square foot/ under 10,000 sq ft*
    – On a basement foundation: $1.75 per square foot/ up to 9,999 sq ft*

Contact us for a quote on designs at 10,000 sq ft or larger.

* An additional fee of 15% will apply with increased design complexity (i.e. angled building design, unusual design concepts, etc.).

***Discounts are available for multiple home design projects.***

Have a look at our complete home design services to become familiar with our entire offering of design assistance.