Historic House Designs Featured in the Natchez Democrat

Last Updated on October 30, 2020

Our collection of historic house designs, the Natchez Historical Home Plans Collection, was featured along with building designer, Kirya J. Duncan in the Natchez Democrat newspaper. Kirya is native of Natchez, Mississippi. He was contacted by a representative of the newspaper when they became aware of the new home plan collection that were inspired by the historic homes in that city. The article was first released in Sunday’s addition of the newspaper on April 30, 2012. It was later released in the online addition of the newspaper the follow day. Below is an excerpt of the article from the newspaper’s website.

Quote from the Natchez Democrat…

“The Ionic columns, gable roofs and rocking-chair-ready porches of oldest city on the Mississippi River have seeped into Duncan’s drawings. With the recent launch of his Natchez Historical Home Collection, Duncan hopes to bring the architecture of Natchez to the masses.

Duncan said in his business, he sells the stock plans mostly to people who can’t afford design and architectural fees in addition to custom tailoring house designs for clients. So while plans inspired by The Burn, Shields Town House and Cherokee might not match the scale and majesty of the originals, middle class folks can get a taste of the Greek Revival houses which are as populous as crepe myrtles in Natchez.”

The article consequently highlights Kirya’s career path. Moreover, it illustrates how he evolved into the creation of this new historic house designs collection. Your can read this article in its entirety at  http://www.natchezdemocrat.com/2012/04/30/local-houses-inspire-stock-plans/. Below are pics of the two designs that are featured in the article. Furthermore, if you are interested in more information on these homes please contact us. You can also make a purchase online as well. For more information on these plans, click on the link below the pic and you will be taken to the detail page of the respective plan.

Historic House Designs inspired by the antebellum homes of Natchez, Mississippi

historic house designs

The Burn House Design

historic house designs

The Cherokee House Design


  1. Congrats Kirya for making your house design being featured in the newspaper. It only shows that your really good in that field!