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Last Updated on October 30, 2020

SNELLVILLE, GA, February 15, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ — Design Evolutions Inc., GA is pleased to officially announce the launch of its new plan collection, Natchez Historical Home Collection. Architectural history is embraced with three new designs from the company, The Shields Town House, The Burn, and the Cherokee. They are the inaugural house plans for this new plan collection. These Greek Revival designs were inspired by the nostalgia and rich architecture of Natchez, Mississippi. The plans are available exclusively through Design Evolutions.

New plan collection inspired by historic town of Natchez

The historic home collection is the creative design works of Building Designer, Kirya J. Duncan, who just happens to have been born and raised in Natchez. “When I established my design company back in 1999, I never thought that I would actually recreate some of my favorite historic homes from my native town,” says Kirya, principal of Design Evolutions Inc., GA. “Growing up in Natchez in the 1970’s and 1980’s, I would see these homes almost daily. However, didn’t really appreciate the beauty of these buildings until I found an interest in residential design and architecture.

Since I’ve admired these antebellum homes for so many years, I thought, why not replicate these wonderful works of architecture? Over the past few years traveling home, I visited different homes to collect photos to begin this process. Natchez has plenty of historic homes. So needless to say, I have a plethora of buildings to emulate. Choosing which residence to replicate will be the most difficult task as I build upon this new plan collection.”

Merging the old with the new

The elevations of these new designs will take on the look of the famous historic homes; however, the floor plans are modern, functional, and designed for the way we live today. Those who love late 18th and 19th century architecture will appreciate how the old is seamlessly merged with the new. Remaining true to the character of the homes, they are designed to capture as much of the original design elements and details as possible.

Attention to detail is noticeable as you flip through the pages of each design in this new plan collection. Such details include features like the supported combination curved and straight staircase in The Burn, which is a focal point and stand-out design element of the original home. Other interior features include period style fireplaces. In addition, trim details are representative of the time in which this style of architecture flourished.

Although it’s in the beginning stages, this portfolio will to grow over time. Future additions to this design collection will include house designs that are both large and small in size. In addition to Greek Revival, other styles to expect include Victorian, Italianate, and Colonial architecture. Visit us on online to view or purchase plans from our Natchez Historic Home Plans Collection.

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