Custom Home Designs

custom home designsDesign Evolutions Inc., GA is a full service residential design company. Generally speaking, our specialty is in single family home designs which includes custom home designs, townhouse design services, as well as home builder design services. While we do offer stock house plans to home builders and the general public, we realize that custom home designs are sometimes desired or perhaps required to capture the essence of your home planning needs.

Since 1999, Design Evolutions Inc., GA has been a partner to many families in the creation of their custom home designs. If you find yourself frustrated with the never ending search through magazines and websites for ready made house plans, then maybe you should consider using our residential design services for a unique custom home design.

A unique set of custom house plans designed by Design Evolutions is a work of art. We tailor the design to fit your family’s one of a kind lifestyle because no two families are alike. We are flexible in our approach to meeting your design needs. Our custom home design service is as diverse as our clients because we work in many different styles of architecture with an unbiased pursuit to create your dream house design.

How do I start the custom home designs process?

Before you meet with the building designer, know what you want and have your information in order. It’s okay if you do not have all the answers. Not having all of the answers allow for flexibility in the design when needed. Contact us and be prepared to discuss the following to determine your design program and approximate cost.

  • Square footage – What is your maximum total heated area?
  • Room requirements – Bedrooms, bathrooms, office, dining, entertainment, bonus room, garage, etc.
  • Architectural style – What style of home are you interested in? Pictures are encouraged if you aren’t sure how to identify a style.
  • Architectural Control Committee (ACC) – Will the design need to meet certain guidelines of a neighborhood?
  • Building site – It helps to know the size of the lot you will be building your home on. Setbacks play a significant role in the maximum width and depth of your home. Lots that are less than an one (1) acre generally have a limited amount of room to fit a home when you take into account the setbacks.

After this information is reviewed, the building designer will prepare and send you a design agreement  proposal outlining the design program, design fee, time frame, and the terms of service. With your signature and deposit, we will add your project to out schedule to begin the design of your custom dream home!

What is the next step in the design process?

Schematic Design

The owner’s program and design objectives are established. We take all of the materials you have prepared to help define the overall goal of the design program and create a design concept. The schematic design consist of the 1st & 2nd floor plans plus a front elevation. These drawing are presented to the homeowner for review and approval. The homeowner may use the final approved schematic floor plans and elevation as a study set and for estimating purposes, but may not use the schematic design to develop construction documents using the services of another building designer or architect. If you decide you want to develop the design so that you can build the home, contact us to continue the design development and working drawings for a complete set of construction documents.

Design Development

We begin to transition into working drawings as we design the remaining elevations (left, right, and rear) along with the roof plan. The remaining elevations are sent to the homeowner to give a complete picture of the overall design and if changes are require, this is the time to make them. After the design is approved, this completes the design phase of the program and we move completely into the working drawings phase.

Working Drawings to Construction Documents

With completion of the design, we move into the working drawing phase. In this phase of the custom home design, we develop detailed drawings of the approved design to include the necessary specifications and details for your builder to bid the job and apply for a permit. The finished drawings, known as construction documents, are then ready to be built.

What’s included in our custom home designs?

Standard set of Construction Documents

  • Cover sheet – Includes the page index and a 3D architectural rendering of the home as if it were built.
  • Foundation plan –  Either a slab, crawl space, or basement.
  • Floor plans – Full dimensions with notes and abbreviated floor/ ceiling framing members.
  • Window & door schedule – Specify sizes, make and/or model
  • Exterior elevations – Indicate floor to ceiling heights, wall & roof materials, and other elements.
  • Roof plan overview – Shows a bird’s eye view of the overall layout of the roof, ridges, valleys, and slopes.
  • Section details – Wall sections, foundation details, and other misc. details as required.
  • Electrical plans – Indicates the location of light fixtures, switches, and outlets, showing the intent of the lighting design layout of the home.

Expanded set of Construction Documents (includes the standard set drawings)

  • Building cross section (s) – may be included if your home design has unusual changes in floor/ ceiling levels and plate heights which may require additional detailing for clarity.
  • Kitchen & bath cabinet elevations – may be included to help illustrate your general cabinet arrangement and features.
  • Interior elevations – to include designs of built-in units, fireplaces, bookcases, and other special interior features.

Drawings in the expanded set provide additional detail and information to help your builder with the budget and construction of your home.

Our Goal for your custom home designs

Our goal is to design a work of art that stands the test of time. We do this by adhering to the age old philosophy “form follows function”. Remaining true to the chosen style of architecture is also important. Addressing your desires to develop custom house plans to fit your family’s lifestyle is the ultimate end game.

Overall, combining the aforementioned with the talents of Building Designer, Kirya J. Duncan, you can count on receiving a well thought out floor plan. The finished result is set of custom home designs that will have neighbors and strangers alike admiring your residence for years to come!

Contact us by email to get started on designing your custom home today.