Building a Home that Feels Like Camping

Last Updated on October 29, 2020

There is nothing quite like the feeling of being out in nature during the summer months. A few days of camping, fishing and hiking are good for the body and soul! But what if a family could live in that style throughout the year? With specific additions to the home design, building a home that feels like camping is very possible!

Windows and Fresh Air are Key to Building a Home That Feels Like Camping

Certain parts of the country are perfect for having huge windows and open air entering the home. California comes to mind for such home designs. Imagine a kitchen that has windows stretching across three of the four corners? The light that would come into the room from morning till sunset would be incredible.

Sitting on a bar stool and enjoying breakfast with family, while having a stunning view of the outside – now that is what living is about! Now imagine a grilling porch that is only a door away from the kitchen? Open up the glass door, smell the fresh air and fire up the grill. It would complete the experience!

Outdoor Living Space

For those who are especially adventurous, an outdoor living room is also a fun way to experience the outdoors every day. It is possible to set up a covered area with couches, chairs and a center table, along with a flat screen television or projector. Inviting friends over for the big game over the weekend? Bring them to the outdoor living room and have a blast!

Of course, the summer camping experience is not complete without a swimming pool. A stunning pool with stone paved tiles around the sides is the best way to class up the backyard. It would also mean the kids spend a lot more time outdoors, as they will love to get in the pool anytime the weather permits!

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