Do I Choose the Lot or the House Plan First?

It is often a debate among those who are designing, building and buying houses – whether the lot or the house plan comes first. There are many sides to the debate. But we believe that it makes more sense to choose a lot before choosing a house plan. This helps to determine if you will opt to have your home custom designed, or select a stock plan. And here are some of the reasons why.

1. Orientation

When someone knows what plot of land they are buying, they are in a better position to figure out the correct house plan for that plot. For instance, they will be able to see where the sun rises and sets, and what areas of the house could potentially become the hottest or coldest in the summer and winter months. These are important factors for deciding the orientation of the house plan and figuring out how to handle insulation and other matters.


Until a buyer has picked a plot of land, they will have no idea what they are going to be seeing from their potential front and back porch. Maybe the side views would be the best, and that is where they can set up a porch area. It all depends on the plot of land!

3. Costs

The budget is a crucial aspect of not only buying a plot, but also of choosing a house plan. If someone chooses a house plan that requires an expansive plot, and they cannot afford such a land mass in that area, then they are out of luck. It is much better to find a plot that is within a budget, and then figure out what house plan would work best with that piece of land. This bolsters the argument to choose a lot before choosing a house plan.

4. Options

Land plots are fixed. There will be a few choices, and buyers will pick the one that is in the best location, has the best size and fits budgetary needs. With houses, there are a million and one options for those who are building from scratch.

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