How Much Does It Cost To Build A House?

Last Updated on November 5, 2020

So, how much does it cost to build a house? Over the years of selling stock house plans online, I have been asked dozens of questions about different concerns prior to a client making a plan purchase. Some of these questions are straight forward and require simple answers to satisfy the customer. Others are a little more in depth and requires a broader explanation which can lead to more questions or confusion.

The answers are pretty common to a Building Designer like myself. Sometimes I am made aware that common knowledge to me is not common to the average homeowner. And while homeowners have become more savvy, there will ultimately be a question that will arise.

As stated above, I have been questioned on dozens of things about stock house plans. A few questions tend to appear more frequent than others. Frequency may vary but they are all recurring. Here I will address what may be considered the most frequently asked of all these questions.

How much does it cost to build a house?

How much will it cost to build the “insert plan name here” ?

This may not be the first question that presents itself, but it surely is one of the most asked. Usually, customers shopping for house plans find a home design that they fall in love with and want nothing more than to build that home for themselves. So naturally the cost to build a house becomes an underlying question. Potential homeowners are always looking for a way to reduce the cost of home construction and that starts with the house plans itself and how it can be built economically. On impulse, the building designer is called or emailed with that very question. My response to this question remains the same then, now, and in the future.

Finding an answer on a cost to build

Unfortunately there is no exact hard number on what it would cost to build the “insert plan name here”. This is a question that is best addressed by your home builder. The price can and do vary widely based on labor cost, material cost, the best time to build your home, and a host of other things. I would suggest that you print a copy of the floor plan and elevation to show your builder. He can then evaluate the plan and give you a general estimate based on the cost per square foot and the finishes you would like.

The cost to build a house question is a variable that can change overnight. If you are buying land to build a home, make sure it’s a perfect house plan for the lot. Identical homes built just months or weeks apart can have a huge difference in price due to material, labor, and land cost. This difference in price can span many thousands of dollars or more. Home Builders are best equipped to deal with this issue as they are the people who deal with the associated cost on a daily basis.

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