What Makes a Great Custom Home Builder?

Last Updated on November 5, 2020

So, What makes a great custom home builder? That’s easy. Great communication, a lot of experience, and a good reputation. You see, companies everywhere will try to sell you on your own idea. That’s right. Your idea.

When you go online and look up trampolines, every website you go to after that, you’ll see ads for trampolines. It’s no coincidence. Everyone is trying to market something, so if they know what you are interested in, guess what? They have it!

But does that mean it’s worth buying from the company offering it you? Well, not exactly. You still need to do your homework. You still need to know if the company trying to sell you on something you are already looking for is credible. This is why you want to find a custom home builder with these basic qualities.

Hands down, Great Communication is what makes a great custom home builder

Dealing with multiple vendors is always a hassle. Trying to get on the same page with numerous contractors can turn into one headache after another.

This is why the custom home builder you choose should offer an all-in-one experience. In other words, you only have to deal with one person. The project manager you speak with will oversee all of the contractors, subcontractors, material vendors, and more. The information you are looking for will be all in one spot.

Being organized is a effective and leads to great communication which makes a great custom home builder.

Vast experience definitely makes a custom home builder great

Now, this one may seem obvious, but not so fast. Yes, the company should have experience, but the type of experience you should look for is in variety. You want to be sure that the custom home build company has experience in building a variety of home layouts and design styles to ensure your needs will be met. If you choose a builder with a specialty niche (i.e. a specific style of architecture), that’s okay too as long as that specialty is in line with what you are seeking.

Good reputation

This one may also seem pretty commonplace. However, you should be inclined to find out what others have to say about the building company you choose. You should see a few of the homes they’ve built, and perhaps even speak to some of their past clients. To find out what kind of experience they had working with the company.

So there you have it. When you are ready to build that new custom home, designed by us (wink, wink), be sure to do a complete check on the building company’s communication skill, experience, and reputation.

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