Why You Should Consider Building a Tiny Home

Last Updated on October 30, 2020

When families are thinking about building their first home, the idea is to go as big as possible. It is the dream for most families to have a huge home they can call their own. But what many families do not realize is that building a tiny home could be incredibly beneficial. Here’s why you should consider building a tiny home.

Not only do tiny house plans have a far lower carbon footprint, but they also promote a minimalist and less stressful lifestyle. A tiny home could be exactly what a single homeowner, young couple or a small family needs out of their home. While tiny homes are not for everyone, many families may find them a perfect solution!

Why You Should Consider Building a Tiny Home? Quality Over Quantity

Eggleston home plan
Eggleston home plan – 1536 sq ft (Click image for floor plan and details)

Having a big home is great, but it also ends up costing more. A lot of families start ambitious, wanting a huge home. But when the cost realities come to the forefront, they end up cutting many corners. After all, the project has to be finished at or under budget.

It is better to go with tiny house blueprints, because so much more can be done with less house square footage. It means that more money can go into those rooms that are being built. This ensures the home is energy efficient, state of the art, comfortable, durable and exciting to live in!

Find the Right Contractor

When considering a tiny home, it is important to find the right designer and contractor for the job. Some contractors are just not suited to tiny home projects. It is much better to find one who has experience building such homes. Then it is possible for the landowners to share ideas with the contractor before they figure out the ideal tiny home blueprint!

Tiny homes are wonderful ways to reduce carbon footprint, live a simpler lifestyle, focus the home budget on a smaller space, and save a lot of money on heating and cooling costs in the long-term!

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