Duplex Floor Plans – Homes for Generational Living

There was a time when the idea of extended family living together seemed completely normal. In fact, it is still the way societies operate in some parts of the world. And with the current housing market and economic situation, many American families are beginning to rediscover the value in living together via duplex floor plans.

Duplex Floor Plans Provide Privacy in the Same Home

The biggest issue that comes up in discussions about extended families living together is privacy. How can two parts of the same family live in one house, but maintain a bit of distance when it is needed? The answer is duplex floor plans.

The beauty of a duplex is that families can still have a stylish home that is making full use of owned land, while having separate sections for different parts of the family. Say a couple is thinking of building a custom designed starter home. They want to maximize the land they bought, ensuring the house will be relevant when they have children too.

By setting up a duplex, a couple can ensure they not only have space for their future children, but other family too. Parents may want to move in for a few months, while other extended family can also come into town. With a duplex, everyone can stay together, while having a space they call their own!

Connecting Extensions to the Main House

Some duplex designs create an extension that is connected to the main house. The extension is a part of the home, but it has its own separate entrance. Say one of the kids gets older and wants to move back home. They could use that one-bedroom extension as their residence. It would keep them close to family, save on bills and other expenses, but also deliver the privacy every young adult needs!

Duplexes are the future for many American families. And now they offer some incredible design choices too!

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