Home Design & Architecture: Symmetry and Proportion

Last Updated on November 9, 2020

There are so many elements that go into designing the perfect home. The home design architecture depends on many factors, with symmetry and proportion being at the very top of the list. As any designer will tell you, the eventually look of a home can only be as good as its foundations. Homes that are designed and constructed in the right way, from the ground up, have much greater potential than those that are constructed in a haphazard manner. No remodel can make up for an initially poor construction, which is why choosing the right home designer and contractor is so important.

Design and Architecture for Your Dream Home

When it comes to the Design and Architecture of your home, symmetry plays a crucial role in how the entire project is going to look. If you talk with any high-quality designer or contractor, they will talk about how it takes them hours and sometimes days to get the initial design layout for a home completed. Why? Because they must work on both the symmetry of the entire design, and the proportions of the various elements that go into creating your dream home. For instance, the symmetry of a home is easiest to see from the outside, especially as you are passing through or glancing at the property for the first time.

One of the greatest artists and designers of all time, Leonardo da Vinci, placed a huge amount of importance in both symmetry and proportion. A lot of his notes and written work highlights the importance of these two factors, both in the human body and in everything we see around us. Proportion is something that is a little harder to understand than symmetry, but it plays just as important a role in the construction of a home.

Porportion in home design architecture

When we look at our bodies, we assess proportion based on the size of one part as compared to another. For instance, you could say the length of a person’s foot is around a sixth of the height of their entire body. Those are our proportions, with respect to our feet and the total height of our body. The same principles of proportion apply to designing a home. What is the proportion of the roof to the height of the rest of the house? How are the windows proportional to the size of the respective wall? How is the door proportional to the rest of the outside wall covering the entrance of the home?

If you are concerned about the Design and Architecture of your dream home, the best thing you can do is to talk with a talented and high quality home designer. Most companies that are responsible for constructing a family’s dream home employ both designers and contractors, as they are aware of the need to design the home before any construction begins. Whether you are assessing hand-drawn plans or computer generated models – you should have a clear idea of how your home is going to look before you sign off on a construction project!

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