Top 5 Design Trends for New Homes

Planning a new home build in the near future? Landowners who are planning to build a house on an empty lot have so many custom home design options available. It is a great moment to look at the top 5 design trends for new homes, as many of these trends can greatly improve the aesthetics and practicality of a new home.

Top 5 Design Trends For New Homes

1. Master Bathroom and a Spa

When there is enough space for the home layout, a master bathroom is a must. Many of the most luxurious homes not only have master bathrooms but ones that look more like spa facilities! Floating bathtubs, wooden elements, and massive showers are commonplace.

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2. Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern designs are known for their simplicity, class, and elegance. These designs are making a significant comeback, especially when assessing the exterior of newly built homes. They feature simple and clean lines, along with bright colors to create a unique appearance. Massive glass windows around the house are also becoming a part of this aesthetic.

3. Kitchen Islands Getting Bigger

Homeowners are obsessed with kitchen islands, and the trend shows no sign of slowing down. Instead of smaller islands that serve a specific purpose, homeowners want massive kitchen islands with varying counter tops where they can prep, cook, eat and even wash dishes!

4. Classy Laundry Rooms

The idea of a small laundry room that just has enough space for the washer and dryer is becoming outdated. Homeowners are demanding more and residential building designers have responded. The best laundry rooms in newly built home feature tie-ins to the rest of the house. Some even have linen closets and master closets!

5. Dedicated Storage Spaces

Specialized storage cabinets and corners are a popular addition to new homes. It gives the homeowner a dedicated spot to keep unused kitchen plates, luggage, outdoor accessories and other knick-knacks! Spreading these storage spots around the house is an effective way to make use of otherwise lost space.

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