Transform Your Basement into a New Rec Room

Whether your basement is that deep, dark dungeon beneath your home, or if it has a wall that is well above ground and able to see the light, if your basement remains unfinished and unused, you are wasting valuable space. For the most part, basements are the part of a home that goes completely unused. They are known for their exposed joists, cold concrete floors, and visible insulation. We can not forget about that really scary looking spider web in the corner. You know the one. If your basement looks anything like this, you are missing out on valuable real estate within your home. Transform your basement into a new rec room that your whole family can enjoy.

Transform Your Basement into the Ultimate Rec Room

Designing your new rec room should be exciting and fruitful. Remember, your design should be based on function, fun, and, well… more fun.
There are so many different ways you can plan the color palette for the room. You have the classic red with crushed velvet tapestries, a red felt pool table, and mahogany bar tops and stools. Then there are the deep browns, tans, and stainless-steel fixtures. Whichever color combination you choose, your floor plan and amenities will make all the difference.

Depending on your personal preferences and need, you can consider adding a billiards table. Complete the space with a full bar, mini fridge, and sink. Provide lounging with a sitting area with a couch, chairs, and a big screen TV. You can add a foosball table, a gaming console, numerous board games such as checkers and chess, a ping pong table and so much more.
If you do have a wall that opens up to the outdoors, new large windows can really let in natural light, making the space look and feel much larger.

Remember, your color choices should mesh with and complement your furniture and decor. With each piece playing off the rest, your new rec room will provide endless hours of entertainment, while creating value out of an area that was once wasted space. So take advantage of that extra square footage and transform your basement to a room your family will love.

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