What Millennials Want in Home Design

It is hard to group up millennials into one neat bunch. This is especially true when it comes to their home design wants and desires. What millennials want in home design is a tough question. We know this because so many millennials have different ideas about how they would like their homes to look. Some are still enamored with a more traditional home design. Others want their homes to look as modern, sleek and technologically advanced as possible. However, there are some commonalities. We will take a look at those right now to help you understand how to ensure that millennial home buyers, and those looking to remodel their homes, get what they want.

Modern with a Twist

What millennials want in home design can confuse many. The requests from millennials regarding home remodeling and design can become a little bit contradictory. However, most millennials want their homes to look as modern and clean as possible. This generation is not interested in having gaudy furniture, wall decorations, fixtures or flooring. While there are some millennials who want their homes to look more traditional, they are most definitely in the minority. A sleek, modern and elegant look is always the preference.

However, the request does usually come with a twist. Even though a modern, sleek look is the preference, millennials do want to see some artistic elements in their homes. Whether it is true a piece of furniture that looks both modern and artistic, or with a unique painting on the wall, these elements really seem to add the necessary life, color and vibrancy to millennial homes. Without these items, there is a tendency for millennials to view their home as being dull and lacking in personality. It’s the challenge for home designers to find the right combination between a simple, sleek style and those artistic elements to create a great house design.

What millennials want in home design? Sustainability and Affordability

Even millennials who have the means to “go big” are very interested in sustainability and affordability. For instance, millennials are always curious about heating and cooling systems that can save them as much money as possible. They are willing to invest early on for savings in the long run. In some cases, you may even get requests from young millennial individuals or families to figure out whether solar panels are an option for their home. It draws their interest due to the environmental and long-term financial benefits they present over regular electricity.


When you take a look at various social media posts regarding home decor, it can give you a good idea about what millennials want in home design. And one thing that always seems to pop up is the millennials’ love for organization within the home. Both men and women are interested in having their living space, closets and other parts of the home as organized as possible. However, they want organization with beauty. This is why they are so obsessed with social media posts and videos of gorgeous walk-in closets and other storage spaces where everything is neatly organized and laid out, but the entire room still looks gorgeous.

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